Commencing with Preparation of the First 100k Food Parcels

Famine or severe malnutrition is the only time when we humans consider responding to fellow human. That's tragic as it allows us to ignore the suffering of a hungry child or adult simply because they are not near end stage. Mercy and Compassion should spur an intervention to alleviate suffering and prevent fellow human reaching end stage.

It's easy to say a food parcel is merely a handout and is not sustainable. That's true but it's a very cold response to a suffering human. In the absence of an alternative that food parcel could be life saving.

Only those who experienced hunger at some stage in their life would understand that a food parcel is exponentially more than just a handout.

Gift of the Givers has commenced the food roll out in earnest and welcomes participation from any individual or company concerned with hunger alleviation.

Shoprite/Checkers is the first to come on board with huge support promised both in cash and kind.

MasterCard has committed 80k USD immediately with another 120k USD promised for the new year.

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