Gift of the Givers turns 26 today

On the occasion of Gift of the Givers 26th anniversary today, our intervention to save farmers, farm workers, animals and livelihoods in the face of the massive drought crisis continuous relentlessly. Our trucks are delivering fodder to Patensie and Aberdeen in Eastern Cape today, Richtersveld and other areas of Northern Cape tomorrow, Mossel Bay and Albertina later this week. The intervention in Sutherland is going remarkably well. We have drilled 78 boreholes of which 54 are successful. Requests from various areas are pouring in for fodder and boreholes. Within the capacity of our resources we are trying our best to help wherever we can. Sheep are so weak from hunger they can't walk and many have died in full view of our teams captured on live television.

Our drought intervention commenced with the Knysna fire of June 2017 where, in addition to assisting hundreds of families, we provided tons of food for pets, involved ourselves in Bee Rehabilitation given that 22 million bees perished in the fire, followed that by fodder for elephants in the Knysna Elephant Park and for animals in the wild. Knysna was in drought at the time of the fire. Then came the huge intervention for Sutherland, Vredendal and numerous areas in the Northern Cape. We purchased two superlinks and one flatbed truck and collectively using additional transport delivered 383 trucks and four trains (160 carriages) of fodder totalling R48.8 million.

In November a R4 million intervention with boreholes saved Beaufort West. Come January 2018 and Western Cape was facing a massive drought crisis. Gift of the Givers delivered 300 containers of bottled water from our warehouses in Johannesburg and Durban to various facilities in Cape Town from where we have been delivering water to many areas that are water stressed. Last week Karl Bremmer Hospital had no water due to a pipe burst. We delivered water as a matter of urgency. We have drilled 25 boreholes in Western Cape in this period and are targeting 200 in Sutherland.

Boreholes, innovative water filtration systems (designed by us), JoJo tanks, bottled water and fodder has been the hallmark of our drought intervention. Microsoft have now partnered Gift of the Givers to roll out "smart meters" to 55 hospitals in the Western Cape. These will redirect water to emergency facilities in times of water stress. This R3 million implementation process has already commenced.

Support in the form of fodder, transport, borehole material, fuel and cash contributions from corporate companies and the public in general will be welcomed to assist in this multi-million rand drought intervention. Special thanks to Foschini Group, Discovery Health, Investec, DPI Plastics, Shoprite, Libstar, Unilever, Massmart, Ford Foundation, Colgate Palmolive, Pioneer Foods, Simba Chips, Caring Sisters Network, Martyn Landmann (our driller), Dr Gideon Groenewald (our hydrologist, geologist, palaentologist), Elizabeth Visagie, Hester Obermeyer, Sybil Visagie, Mario Ferreira (our co-ordinators), numerous individual donors and many farmers who have assisted us thus far. The intervention continues.
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