Humanitarian Flight for Gaza

The plight of the Palestinian people has touched the hearts of millions worldwide. Gift of the Givers has responded by delivering emergency medical supplies and food aid inside Gaza within 12 hours of the commencement of the bombing on 8 July 2014.

But this is minute relative to what is required in a crisis situation where 750 are already dead and more than 4000 injured.  Hospitals cannot cope where 400 wounded civilians arrive in the emergency room in one day resultant of bombing by air, land and sea, of densely populated residential suburbs. Lack of medical equipment, medicines, general medical supplies and a shortage of skilled trauma specialists compounds a humanitarian disaster of epidemic proportions. Significantly greater assistance is required.

Gift of the Givers, with total diplomatic support from the Presidency and International Relations, is preparing a humanitarian aid flight for Gaza, with specialist medical teams, emergency equipment and medical supplies. Medical personnel specific to the situation are being selected from the overwhelming response of 120 volunteers who have responded for this dangerous and high risk mission.

Humanitarian preparations are supported by the intense diplomatic processes from presidential level and through the Department of International Relations to ensure the easy access and safe passage of the Gift of the Givers South African Medical Team through the Rafah border into Gaza to assist a suffering people.

Further details, pending diplomatic progress, will be made public at the appropriate time. The fund-raising campaign continues.