Malawi Iftaar and Ramadan Pack Distributions

Gift of the Givers Malawi distributes both Iftaar and Ramadhan packs during this Auspicious Month of Fasting here in Malawi.

The programme has covered 4 districts namely: Zomba, Balaka, Chikwawa,
and Thyolo.

In Zomba, the exercise benefitted 60 families with Ramadhan packs and 4
Masjids were supported with Iftaar packs. Similarly, in Balaka, 140
families received Ramadhan packs and 18 Masjids were given Iftaar packs.

Furthermore, in Chikwawa district, our Foundation assisted 50 families
with Ramadhan packs and 6 Masjids were given Iftaar packs. The exercise
also benefitted 50 families in Thyolo where 6 Masjids were also
supported with Iftaar packs.

In some areas, the exercise has been undertaken in partnership with
Malawi Relief Fund-UK where a total number of 1,000 Eid packs have been
distributed to those who have been observing this Auspicious Month of

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Ramadaan Hampers in Mashonaland

690 Ramadaan Food and Hygiene Packs distributed to communities living in isolated farms of Mashonaland West, mostly now self sustaining farmers who have been greatly affected by poor rains.  Mostly an ageing community caring for their grandchildren as families are separated in search of work.  Communities expressed such gratitude to the kind contributions as they must walk at least 10km

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Matabeleland, Zimbabwe

This is one of largest distribution areas the Gift of the Givers team has undertaken in Zimbabwe. Families have been experiencing massive financial difficulty due to the lull in the mining industry and severe drought.

Vouchers were handed out to 1130 families, predominantly single mothers, widows and orphans, prior the distribution of Food and Hygiene Parcels.

We thank Bulawayo Islamic

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Hunger in Syria

The demand for emergency and general medical services is a huge challenge in Syria but an even greater challenge is the hunger experienced by millions of internally displaced Syrians.

Gift of the Givers purchased a land and built a special kitchen in the vicinity of our Ar Rahma Hospital. Patients and their families are fed at the two hospitals and at various refugee camps some of which have been

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Feeding in Somalia

On the surface it appears that this is just ordinary feeding in Ramadaan. The reality is far more complex. Somalia is a country at war with itself for more than two decades now. An unstable political situation, attacks from El Shabbab, regular change in government, the difficulty in stabilising the economy, brain drain with most educated Somalis living outside the country and regular drought has

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Al Hilal Hospital in Syria

The exponential increase in patients at Gift of the Givers Ar Rahma Hospital and the repeated attempts to deliberately bomb it necessitated an emergency intervention in the form of a second hospital a few km away in a relatively "safe" area as there are no safe areas in Syria.  Our thanks to the Turkish Red Crescent who sponsored a fully fitted field hospital at a cost of one million dollars

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Ar Rahma Hospital 3

The hospital is extremely busy treating between 10 000 and 12 000 patients per month. Monthly at least 400 patients are operated for trauma, 100 visit the ICU, 900 go through the obstetrics department, 130 premature and newborns are treated in the neonatal unit, 250 children are admitted to the paediatric wards, 400 patients visit the physiotherapy unit, 250 patients visit the CT Scan, 2500 Xrays

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Water Delivery in Mauritania

Another area where Gift of the Givers is involved in is Mauritania. Here too sourcing water for inhabitants is a challenge. Gift of the Givers arranges water to come to a central point which is relatively accessible for groups of people. They then collect water at these points.

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Provision of Milk Powder in Syria

This is one of the projects very close to our hearts. In spite of the war killing more than 300 000 children their are new births every day. Hundreds of children are born in the Gift of the Givers Ar Rahma Hospital inside Syria. Provision of milk powder is an absolute necessity for the thousands of hungry infants. Goldman Sachs Bank recently contributed funds for the purchase of baby milk powder.

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Ramadaan Open Market

Gift of the Givers sets up the first ever "open market" for people to do their Ramadaan "shopping" in Gaza. Vouchers were given to 600 families in Rafah and Khan Younis and they could choose whatever food items they required in a very dignified manner. This was the first ever event of its kind creating huge excitement in Gaza with all the local media covering the event.

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GOTG and VOC Ahlan Wa Sahlaan in the Western Cape

The Gift of the Givers partnership with Voice of the Cape FM AWS has been running since 2009. Every Sunday during the month of Ramadaan we reach out to Masajids in poor areas where we have Khatamul Quran and finish off with a mass iftar. Iftar is provided by Gift of the Givers. Hot meals, savouries, dates, cool drinks, chocolates, water & bread. We feed all in the mosque and if there is left

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Manicaland, Zimbabwe

Gift of the Givers delivers Ramadan Food Parcels, Hygiene and Winter Warmth Packs to 356 families in the Eastern part of Zimbabwe. Areas covered were Chipinge, Tongogara Refugee Camp and Zaka.

The team was welcomed by mainly self sustaining families who were greatly affected by the drought.

Total Project Value: R671 250.00.


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Mauritania and Senegal

Go into the house of any of the poor in Mauritania and Senegal, at any given time, and it’s practically a surety that there will be no food in the house. These West African countries have an unbelievably high cost of living, and for the majority of people eking out a living, food is the family’s biggest monthly expense. To give an example, an apple costs R5!

So, imagine the relief when families

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GOTG Child Care Centre Outreach Programme

The locality surrounding the Gift of the Givers Women and Child Care Centre in Gaza is one of the poorest in the region. The Centre serves not only as a base for various activities within it but also as a means to assist those nearby.  Accordingly, our first outreach programme took place this Ramadaan providing cooked meals and food parcels for those who seldom have food in their homes. 

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Al Hilal Hospital in Syria 2

Al Hilal Hospital is placed closer to the Turkish border for better security but is still inside Syria. It focuses on primary health care, maternity services, operating theatres to handle the overflow from Ar Rahma Hospital.

The hospital was opened in September 2015, averages 7500 patients, 3000 laboratory investigations, 1000 Xrays and about 350 admissions monthly. It gives us the opportunity to
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Food Distribution in War Ravaged Yemen

It's been a period of tremendous turmoil for Yemen, a country whose citizens live in a state of abject poverty with patience and resilience.  Political turmoil, war, attacks from Al Qaeda, a non-functioning economy, absence of productivity, virtually no diesel and no water and with 14 million people living in a state of hunger, malnutrition and virtual starvation the masses are suffering. To

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Ar Rahma Hospital 2

The hospital is one of the largest in all Syria given that most hospitals have been totally destroyed by bombing.  It serves patients from many areas including Idlib, Latakia, Homs, Armanac, Mount Kurds, Mount Turkmen, Aleppo and multiple districts.  The hospital is well equipped and carries out a diverse range of surgery including general, vascular, orthopedic, thoracic, ENT and

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Blind Village in Yemen

Since 2012 Gift of the Givers has been the largest donor to inhabitants of the "Blind Village" where more than 60% of its inhabitants are blind due to genetic reasons. We have catered for many of their needs including food, medical care and building of houses. This Ramadaan 145 families received food parcels. Once again our efforts are hampered by the ongoing war, security risk and absence of

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Ar Rahma Hospital 1

The R100 million Gift of the Givers Ar Rahma Hospital is our flagship project in Syria.  In December 2013 an ordinary single storey building in Darkoush was converted into an Emergency Hospital in 70 days.  In April 2014, fifty three South African medical personnel treated 7000 patients in 10 days.  That intervention put the wheels into motion for an expanded hospital with multiple

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Video Clip - Gaza Woman and Child Centre 06/2016

The six storey Gift of the Givers Women and Child Care Centre is the first of its kind in Gaza. It has been constructed in Altofah area, Gaza City, East of Gaza and is one of the poorest districts in the region.  Having commenced in early 2014 the Centre is four months from completion.  The 2014 war and periodic blockades preventing the delivery of cement makes the construction more

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Provision of Water in Yemen in Ramadaan

Yemen is one of the four poorest water resourced countries in the world. The ongoing war and the absence of diesel to power boreholes has aggravated the situation. Gift of the Givers has established a borehole in one of its warehouses. The water is pumped from here into the two water trucks that Gift of the Givers has purchased. Water is then distributed to as many areas as possible under highly

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Ramadaan 1437

Dear Brothers and Sisters

We are in that glorious spiritual phase of the Islamic calendar when Allah, out of His Infinite Generosity, gifts us with the Mubarak (blessed) months of Rajab, Shaban and Ramadaan.  These three months emphasize heightened consciousness, increased prayer, spiritual awakening, moral integrity, behavior and character modification, social awareness and reaching out to

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