Gift of the Givers gets involved in selected special events which include high profile service delivery projects attended by the President of the country or relevant Ministers, eg. Mandela Day; marketing a particular project to the public by public demand, eg. the Village Walk collection for Xenophobia victims; participating in summits of international value, eg. the World Summit on Sustainable Development;  highlighting an important aspect of certain projects, eg. Cycling for Education; hosting special guests at our offices, eg. Wives of Ambassadors Society.

One African Nation Concert

15 African artists, all African. One Continent, Africa. One Nation, 1 billion Africans. Never before in the history of our continent and our people has it become so important to stand up and to be counted. No more begging bowl, no more cap in hand, no more the indignity of outstretched hands. The dignity and honour of our people has to be protected so whether it is famine and war in Somalia or a
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