02/12/2017 - Feeding at Danie van Zyl Park

Gift of the Givers in partnership with Saeed Foundation hosted an outreach programme at the Danie van Zyl Park for recipients from Westdene, Newclare and surrounding areas where Gift of the Givers provided:

  • 200 Shoprite Food Buckets
  • 200 TFG Blankets
  • 200 Mats
  • 200 Wool
  • 300 Food Parcels
  • 3000 Hot Meals
  • IMG-20171204-WA0044
  • IMG-20171204-WA0046

Elderly Recipients at Ba-Phiring Centre

Elderly Recipients at Ba-Phiring Centre
The Gift of the Givers team was welcomed with great excitement and enthusiasm by a gathering crowd of elderly, physically challenged, youth and school children at the Ba-Phiring Centre in Rustenberg, North West Province. We arrived with a superlink, truck and van carrying Shoprite / Checkers food parcels.

We presented two elderly paraplegics with new wheelchairs as well as a soft, warm TFG

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Bushbuckridge Receives Food Parcels

Bushbuckridge Receives Food Parcels

6 weeks ago the Statistician-general produced a report indicating that 55% of South Africans are hungry. This grim picture is going to be aggravated by a weakening rand, higher fuel and food prices, increased inflation and major job losses in the mining and other sectors of the economy. Gift of the Givers has commenced with the distribution of food parcels to vulnerable communities. We intend,

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Project Overview

Following the recent report by the Statistician-general, 55% (27 million) of the SA population are poverty stricken. The financial downgrade of the country, rising fuel cost, weakening currency, massive budget deficit, rising inflation, higher food prices, drought, unemployment at the highest level ever (27.3%) and increasing job losses especially in the mining sector (for every one job lost 10
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14/11/2011 - Ezimbokodweni Community

14/11/2011 - Ezimbokodweni Community
Gift of the Givers in partnership with AECI distributed aid to the underprivileged community and crèche in Ezimbokodweni.
  • 200 Mattresses
  • 200 Blankets
  • 200 Food Hampers
  • 200 x 10kg Rice
  • 200 x 2litre Oil
  • 200 x 10kg Meali Meal
  • 22 TFG Blankets
  • 22 x Cereals
  • Play Dough
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Commencing with Preparation of the First 100k Food Parcels

Famine or severe malnutrition is the only time when we humans consider responding to fellow human. That's tragic as it allows us to ignore the suffering of a hungry child or adult simply because they are not near end stage. Mercy and Compassion should spur an intervention to alleviate suffering and prevent fellow human reaching end stage.

It's easy to say a food parcel is merely a handout and is

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Disaster Response