23/04/2018 - Worcester Blind and Deaf Schools

Gift of the Givers distributes water in Worcester communities and schools for the deaf and blind:

  • 288 x 5lt to Pioneer School for the Blind
  • 580 x 5 lt to De La  Bat School for the Deaf
  • 4150 x 5 lt to  Rawsonville and Avian Park Communities
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  • IMG-20180423-WA0013
  • IMG-20180423-WA0014

Water Collection Stops; thank you donors!

A very big "thank you" to all those compassionate, warm hearted people from all over our country and beyond our borders that have donated millions of litres of bottled water and cash to Gift of the Givers for our  drought intervention campaign in the Western Cape. Large communities in rural areas, farmers, labourers, schools, institutions and animal shelters have been the recipients of your

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Western Cape: Areas in Water Distress Increasing

Gift of the Givers teams are having a particularly busy time this week. Demands for clean drinking water have increased from a number of areas in the Western Cape. The Paarl Municipality has called us into a meeting this morning to discuss their urgent water requirements. Drakenstein Municipality is sending us a list of "red" zones (areas in need of urgent intervention). Bottled water
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Water Awareness Day with Makro & Miss Earth

Gift of the Givers with Makro held a Water Awareness Day at Marconi Beam Primary School and Scottesville Primary School in Cape Town. The team was accompanied by Miss Earth 2017, Irini Moutzouris. Each student received a bottle of water and Easter eggs.

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Breede Valley Reaches Day Zero

The Western Cape drought is serious. Many don't understand that as yet. Breede Valley, Drakenstein and neighbouring areas have reached Day Zero. There is NO drinking water. Western Cape Provincial Disaster Management contacted Gift of the Givers over the weekend requesting urgent support for these regions. Four Gift of the Givers trucks left Bramley this morning carrying 120 tons of
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28/02/2018 - Delivery of Bottled Water to Recipients

Gift of the Givers delivers bottled water to the following institutions: #CapeTownDrought

  • Isikhokelo Primary School, Khayelitsha
    450 x 5lt
  • House of Home Morea Old Age Home, Lotus Rice
    288 x 5lt
  • Grassy Park Home for Mentally Challenged
    144 x 5lt
  • Woodside Special Care for Intellectually Challenged and Disabled Children, Rondebosch
    288 x 5lt
  • Marsh Memorial Children's Home, Rondebosch 
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Queueing at Springs in Cape Town

Visiting two springs in Cape Town was an eye opener for the Gift of the Givers teams. Once the water supply was cut to 50L per day on 1 Feb, in essence, Day Zero had been reached. The water restriction knows no race, religion, colour, class, culture or social status. Whether you came walking or in a German luxury vehicle you all stood in the same queue patiently waiting your turn to collect

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Gift of the Givers Delivers Water in Drakenstein. More Requested.

Four Gift of the Givers trucks arrived in Paarl this morning and were graciously received by Mayor Conrad Poole of Drakenstein Municipality. Two trucks were offloaded at the offices of the Cape AgriMark Association in Paarl and another two at their offices in Wellington. There was jubilation at the arrival of this water, which we now understand is specifically for the rural populations that live
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Delivery of Water 06/03/2018

Gift of the Givers delivers bottled water to:

  • Instshinga Primary School, Gugulethu = 432 x 5lt
  • Sarah Fox Convalescent Hospital, Bridgetown = 144 x 5lt
  • G.H Stark Frail & Old Age Home, Hanover Park = 288 x 5lt
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Shipping Water from Dbn to Cpt

Via ship a consignment of bottled water will leave Durban harbor destined for Cape Town. The Gift of the Givers KZN team loaded 3 x 40ft containers laden with water, an essential part of our existence. #DayZero #CapeTownDrought

All shipping costs and harbor charges were wavered, a big thank you to Transnet and the Shipping Association.

Play your part in Gift of the Givers drought relief campaign

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12 Recipient Institutions

12 institutions receive bottles of fresh water thanks to your generosity. Gift of the Givers #CapeTownDrought campaign. Donate here: http://www.giftofthegivers.org/contribute
  • 70 residents at the Turfhall Cheshire Home. Water is a vital part of their health as many are on chronic medication.
  • Saambou Primary School, Manenberg. 330 learners experienced 4 days of no running water, 200 x
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Fallen Angels Receive Bottled Water

As part of Western Cape Drought Relief, Gift of the Givers delivered 58 tons of water to Fallen Angels, a pet shelter, in Melkbos Strand, which is on the West Coast of Cape Town. #DayZero #CapeTownDrought
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Cape Town Water Crisis (2018)

We can debate about the exact date when Day Zero will be upon us, will it arrive early in March, later in May or even better, be avoided all together if beneficial, soaking rain falls in the catchment areas of dams and aquifers soon. The reality is that Day Zero has already arrived: when animals are dying of thirst, when vineyards fail because of drought, when tens of thousands of farm labourers
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Gift of the Givers Prepares for Day Zero in Western Cape

Day Zero is virtually inevitable, the situation cannot be reversed as significant rainfall is not guaranteed and water consumption exceeds daily targets. Four million people face the harsh reality of standing in water queues at 200 distribution points throughout the Western Cape. This process could last a week, a month or even a whole year depending on the strength of our prayer.


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