A month of immense virtue, spirituality, blessing, joy, tranquility and barakah is upon us. Its emphasis is prayer, introspection, purification and unconditional service. Its first part is Mercy, the 2nd part Forgiveness and the 3rd part Freedom from Hell and Fire. This is Ramadaan, Allah's month, in which we humans are the intense focus of Allah's unlimited Mercy.The fastest way to achieve Purification and Perfection is through Service. Feeding of a fasting person is recommended and encouraged emphatically and indeed our Beloved Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: "The best charity is to feed a hungry belly". This teaching is not specific to Ramadaan but relevant to general hunger and poverty, and is not specific to Muslims only but to all creation, for our Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was sent as "RAHMAT LIL ALAMEEN", a "Mercy unto All Creation".

In keeping with this sublime teaching, Gift of the Givers is embarking on an ambitious iftar and sehri programme covering more than 50 feeding sites DAILY in South Africa, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Somalia and Gaza. In addition, high value Food Parcels of immense nutritional value will be delivered to malnourished, hungry families in these regions. Our infrastructure is in place, Reserve Bank clearance for international donations has been approved, families have been identified and the procurement of supplies has been finalised. All this to benefit you, the donor, for it is we who actually RECEIVE by GIVING. Three million rand of orthopaedic and medical supplies are on standby to be delivered into Gaza and will be followed by Medical teams. Fishing boats and engines have been ordered for Somalia to make families self sufficient in the area of Hafun. These are all on going projects.

In addition to all this, our Lillah feeding to Humanity in general, during the DAY, in Ramadaan, continues. We are committed to feeding not only at our daily sites throughout the year, but also to the several thousands of people who have been recipients in our Winter Warmth and Soccer Development programme. How can we ignore the hungry. Visit our feeding sites and you will see childrens' sunken eyes and trembly, weak, tiny hands; desperate faces and intense pain, but as the wholesome, nutritious tasty meal enters the expectant mouth, the face lights up, those eyes look heaven ward, and in your soul you can FEEL IT, that Allah is SMILING at YOU and YOU are the recipient of His MERCY for YOUR contribution to His Creation. We invite you to be a part of these various projects. August 06 we celebrate 18 years of Gift of the Givers and we thank you for the opportunity to SERVE, through your abundant and repeated generosity, and for your faith and trust in us, but whatever is achieved is not by us but THROUGH us.

Gift of the Givers Zakaat Account                                 Gift of the Givers Lillah Account
Standard Bank                                                                Standard Bank
Pietermaritzburg                                                              Pietermaritzburg
A/C 25 204 0562                                                             A/C 25 204 0554
Branch Code 057525                                                       Branch Code 057525

Please email deposit slip or fax to 033 394 3780. If you require Section 18A tax certificate to obtain rebates on your taxes as a result of your donation then please contact Yasmin or Laila on 033 345 0163. For all other details call toll free on 0800 786 777. Slideshows and TV footage to follow soon.

Ramadaan Mubarak

Click here for a full Iftaar Distribution list as at 26 October 2010

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