Fire on York Farm

Gift of the Givers responds with various aid to the 14 families who face the miserable aftermath of a fire that destroyed their homes and belongings. Thankfully the community has not suffered fatalities and are being accommodated by sympathetic neighbours.

Their homes, designed like many farm areas, are mainly thatch and tightly nested on open bare lands where strong winds put residents at great risk of being caught in felt fires. Gift of the Givers distributes the following aid:

  • 35kg Rice
  • 28 kg Sugar
  • 8 litre Cooking Oil
  • 15kg Canned baked beans
  • 12 Litre Juice, served
  • 14 Blankets
  • 14 Mattresses
  • 28 Pairs of shoes
  • 14 Clothing parcels incl. a child’s toy
  • 7 Baby clothing parcels
  • 6 Packets of candles
  • 10 Boxes of chomp chocolates
  • 14 water bottles for kids
  • 14 Bars of Lux soap
  • 6 Tubs of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly
  • 6 Tubes of tooth paste
  • 10 Dove deodorant
  • 7kg Washing powder
  • 14 Plastic tumblers

Total Project Value: R30 489.61

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Tongogara Drought Relief Feb 2016

Zimbabwe, like many southern African regions, is experiencing a drought. 

Gift of the Givers make their return to Tongogara Refugee Camp where the impact of the drought and dryness is visible for as far as the eye can see and scorching temperatures make daily living terribly uncomfortable. The GOTG team drove approximately 680 km east of Harare carrying 40tons of Water, Food and Hygiene Packs.

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Fire on Stappelford Farm

Gift of the Givers provides disaster relief to 60 families who's homes at Stappelford farm burned down. There were 2 fatalities, an expecting mother and her child. The homes were made mainly of thatch and were tightly nested next to each other making it almost impossible to salvage anything as the fire moved very fast from one home to the next.

The Chief assisted with the distribution of aid as

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