Another Great Ramadaan

Thank you for your continuous overwhelming generosity yet again.  Your kindness, mercy and compassion never ceases to amaze us.

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) emphasised:

"The best charity is to feed a hungry belly".

You responded to the cries of the hungry in the Pakistan Floods in Ramadaan 2010; in boats we reached thousands as children shouted "chaval (rice), chaval (rice).  Came the famine in Somalia in Ramadaan 2011 the response was swift and timeous from the entire South African nation.  Thousands of starving lives were saved.  That generosity continued into Ramadaan 2012 as R13 million of supplies arrived in Mogadishu in 24 containers; 330 Masjids are supported with an iftar programme in Malawi benefitting an excess of 60 000 people; and iftar is served in Pakistan, Senegal, Mauritania, Ivory Coast, Puntland, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa to thousands of Fasting people who otherwise would have had no means to break the fast. Eid Food Parcels are now being arranged in some of these countries.

And in this same Ramadaan 2012 we discovered 15 million hungry people in Yemen; a land and a people referred to by the Holy Prophet SAW as being "soft, gentle, pious and tender-hearted" and large numbers of whose people will be inhabitants of Jannah. What an honour to serve them. The first 16 containers of aid have already been loaded with more to follow. Your participation in all the endeavours is still welcome if you so desire.

In a unique event to uphold the dignity of the poor, Gawa Sayed, project manager for our Cape Town office, has come up with a novel idea to distribute new clothing, new shoes and hygiene packs for the poor and destitute today, on the eve of Lailatul Qadr (traditionally the 27th night is commemorated for that purpose).  Our warehouse in 45 Knoll Avenue, Athlone, has been organised and adorned to display all these new items so generously donated by you. The poor will have a grand "shopping" experience choosing the right items for their families with which to celebrate Eid and give thanks to Allah for His generosity.  The best part of the exercise; everything is FREE.  If you want to be a part of the action be there at 2pm.

Details on all projects 0800786777.  

Ramadaan Mubarak, Lailatul Qadr Mubarak and Eid Mubarak.  May all prayers that are good for our souls be answered generously.
It was exactly around this time last year, on Shabe Baraat 1432, that we took a decision to respond to the Famine in Somalia. To this date our teams are still there.  Your contributions have saved tens of thousands of lives as we chartered 11 flights carrying 175 tons of supplies and sent in another 132 containers carrying 2640 tons of aid on several ships.  Together with the medical support we
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18/08/2012 - Terence Park

18/08/2012 - Terence Park

GOTG together with Dada Spice distributes Ramadaan Hampers to 50 underprivileged and old aged people from the Terence Park community in Phoenix. The hampers consisted of food items as well as cleaning agents and hygiene products.

Total Project Value: R42 500.00.

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12/08/2012 - Ahlan Wa Sahlan at Masjidul Sabr Mosque, Parkwood

12/08/2012 - Ahlan Wa Sahlan at Masjidul Sabr Mosque, ParkwoodGift of the Givers in partnership with Voice of the Cape Radio Station (VOC) 4th Ahlan Wa Sahlan Program for Ramadaan 2012 was held at Masjidul Sabr Mosque, In Parkwood, Western Cape. 800 people were served a family meal and Iftaar packs consisting the following was disrtibuted:
  • Bottled Water
  • Fruit and Dates
  • 300 x 2lt Cool Drinks

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05/08/2012 - Ahlan Wa Sahlan at Al Jamia Uthmania Mosque

05/08/2012 - Ahlan Wa Sahlan at Al Jamia Uthmania Mosque

Gift of the Givers in Partnership with Voice of the Cape Radio Station (VOC) Third Ahlan Wa Sahlan Program for Ramadaan 2012, at Al Jamia Uthmania Mosque, In Bonteheuwel, Western Cape. We distributed a hot family meal and Iftar packs consisting of bottled water, fruit and dates to 800.

Total Project Value: R28 000.00

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04/08/2012 - Iftaar Feeding in Malir

04/08/2012 - Iftaar Feeding in Malir

Pakistan is one of the poorest countries where the population is exceeding one hundred ninety million. The majority of people are jobless and living in critical condition. Suffering from poverty and natural disasters. The Gift of the Givers decided to feed the poor in the city's most poorest and remote areas.

Gift of the Givers team had arranged the food distribution in a Mosque where hundreds

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22/07/2012 - Voice of the Cape Annual Ahlan Wa Sahlan

22/07/2012 - Voice of the Cape Annual Ahlan Wa SahlanGift of the Givers in Partnerhip with Voice of the Cape radio station (VOC) commenced their annual Ahlan Wa Sahlan (AWS) outreach programme on Sunday, 22 July 2012 at Masjidul Ummah in Rusthof in Strand. More than 300 people braved the winter cold to attend this auspicious occasion. The mosque was filled with men, woman and children to complete the recital of the holy Quran.

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Somalia Shipping

Thank you for the very rapid and generous contributions already in response to our Ramadaan projects.  

We emphasised the urgency in getting the supplies to Somalia by the beginning of Ramadaan.  Accordingly the first ship has to be loaded latest by Wednesday, 11 July 2012, and sails out on 13 July 2012.  The second ship has to be loaded by 21 July 2012 and sails on 23 July 2012.  

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18/08/2012 - Fitra Parcels to Mitchels Plain and Hanover Park

18/08/2012 - Fitra Parcels to Mitchels Plain and Hanover ParkGift of the Givers donates Fitra parcels to Weltevreden Muslim Society in Mitchells Plain & Al Mieftag Madressa, Hanover Park in the Western Cape.



Project Value

Weltevreden Muslim Society

40 Food Parcels
40 Detergent Packs
40 Hygiene Packs
40 x 2lt Cool Drinks

R23 279.60

Al Mieftag Madresssa

10 Food Parcels
10 Detergent Packs
10 Hygiene Packs
10 x 2lt Cool Drinks

R5 819.90

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15-17/08/2012 – Free Eid Shopping Experience

15-17/08/2012 – Free Eid Shopping Experience

As the month of Ramadaan came to an end and we prepared our homes for Eid, we stocked up on food, purchased new clothing and shoes for our families as Eid is truly a day of celebration. But during that time we were also blessed with the night of power, when the holy Quran was revealed, and during that time we find ourselves reflecting on life, the example that we set and the role we play in our

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07/08/2012 - Iftar Packs to Talfalah Primary School

07/08/2012 - Iftar Packs to Talfalah Primary SchoolGift of the Givers donates Bulk Food and Iftar Packs to Talfalah Primary School for their Iftar program in Mannenberg, Western Cape. The packs consisted of:
  • 25Kg Basmati Rice
  • 2 Bags Potatoes
  • 1 Bag Onions
  • 6x750 ml Cooking Oil
  • 3 x 10 kg Dates
  • 300 Iftar Packs (Fruit, Bottled Water & Dates)

Total Project Value: R5 532.94.

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29/07/2012 - Ahlan Wa Sahlan in Overview Community

29/07/2012 - Ahlan Wa Sahlan in Overview CommunityGOTG in partnership with VOC 2nd Ahlan Wa Sahlan outreach project at Nurul Islam Mosque, Milky Way, Ocean View. It was a lovely sunny day and more than 300 people including women and children came out to be apart of this special occasion. We were warmly welcomed by the Oceanview community. The recital of the Holy Quran commenced after 3pm and was completed with a Thikr just before Maghrib.

For the
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