29/01/2019 - Toilets Delivered to Nkosi Jiyane Primary School

Gift of the Givers handed over 6 VIP toilets at Nkosi Jiyane Primary School in Nquthu. Learners also received 200 stationery packs, 200 personal hygiene packs and 60 school shirts.

We were accompanied by Inkosi Buthelezi and his council, the local Municipal Councillor and members of Nquthu Municipality.
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01/2019 - Khomba Primary School Toilet Installation

Towards the end of 2018 the community of KwaMaphumulo closed down the local school, Khomba Primary, as the school lacked proper sanitation facilities for the children.

Gift of the Givers installed 6 fully funtional and brand new Pour Flush Toilets at the school.

The children also received:

550 Stationery Packs
550 School Bags
600 Hygiene Packs

The kids were ecstatic to receive their gifts and to

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Eldorado Park Muslim School

We were requested to visit the Eldorado Park Muslim School school in August to assess and come up with ways to improve the conditions under which the children were learning. What we saw on arrival seemed pretty good. It was a beautiful face brick building, but just like taking a bite of a juicy red apple and then to find it rotted inside, so too was the surprise we got when we entered the

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