Walkathon for the Physically & Mentally Challenged - 27 April 2011

On the 27th of April 2011, Freedom Day, Elite Food Town and Cash & Carry hosted their 9th Annual 2011 Disability Awareness Walk-A-Thon. This was held at Vangate Mall, Vanguard Estate, Cape Town,Western Cape.The walkathon was aimed at creating awareness around people with disabilities. Despite the cold, rainy weather, 2000 people participated, young and old.

    Gift of the Givers donated 2200 medals to the value of R45 166.40, which were handed to the participants at the finish line. One cannot forget those heart warming smiles as they completed the walk and received their medals with pride and joy.

    • Elite_Diasbled_Walkathon_April_2011_5
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    27th April 2011