Gift of the Givers Anniversary Kicks Off in Ivory Park

We kick off our 25th anniversary at Ivory Park in Tembisa with an expected crowd of 6 000 people. Among our guests we had local community members, politicians, faith based organisations, the MEC for Safety and Security, the Deputy Mayor, SAPS Metro Police and the Ekurhuleni Disaster Management and Municipality.

By the afternoon the crowd grew to nearly 10 000. But like the story of the boy with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish, our supplies for 6 000 recipients stretched miraculously where no one left empty-handed. We served a meal, handed out blankets, disposable nappies and 740 Shoprite grocery buckets.

A hugely successful event resulting in the Gift of the Givers team being honoured with a police escort within an appreciative community.

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