Gift of the Givers 25th Anniversary

"The hand can't do the work of the eye, the eye can't do the work of the heart, the heart can't do the work of the brain,...but all these in unison are essential for the optimum functioning of the human body". This was taught to us by the Spiritual teacher, Muhammed Safer Efendi al Jerrahi, who instructed the formation of Gift of the Givers. In like manner the exponential growth, progress and success of Gift of the Givers has been only possible because of the support of people inside and outside this country. We profusely thank the donors, those who give good counsel, those who put their heart and soul in prayer for us in the early hours of the morning, corporates, media, government, the diplomatic corps, volunteer counsellors, medical teams, search and rescue teams, even the sniffer dogs, our dedicated staff and teams in offices and projects across the world and the sacrificing families  that have endured the challenges for years, we say THANK YOU and may the Almighty bless everyone in abundance without measure. We could never have walked this road without all of you. The delivery of R2.1 billion to millions of people in 43 countries, South Africa included, is only through the Grace of the Almighty and your support. You have taken the blessings of millions of people who have poured out their hearts and inner being raising their eyes heavenward in gratitude for the "gifts" you have made possible through your collective endeavours.

We love you all.