100 Houses for Victims of Khayelitsha Shack Fire

Thank you for your spirit of generosity in responding both in cash and kind to the victims of the Khayelitsha Shack Fire. Gift of the Givers is in negotiations with Western Cape Disaster Management to acquire land to rebuild 100 houses for 100 families in a well spaced, organised manner to serve as a model for subsequent similar developments. This would allow for building with sufficient spaces between homes to ensure that if one house catches on fire, only one house and not the entire settlement is gutted. Spacing will be appropriate to create "roads" for the safe and rapid passage of fire trucks and ambulances. This model could be the solution to prevent the recurrent costly tragedy of shack fires. The decisive meeting to get finality on this request takes place at 8am tomorrow morning in Cape Town. Whatever the outcome Gift of the Givers commits to the construction of 100 of these homes called Zozo's which are built in panels with wood, corrugated sheeting, windows and a door.

Mattresses, blankets, linen, towels, hygiene packs, dishes, sanitary pads, disposable nappies, new clothing and food parcels will also be supplied. Uniforms, stationery and school bags will be provided next week as learners have lost everything prior to the commencement of the new school term.

The people of Khayelitsha require our generous support to re-instill hope in them in the light of this great tragedy on a day which is generally associated with rebirth, hope and positivity.

Items in kind can be delivered to our warehouse in 45 Noll Avenue, Athlone Industria, Cape Town. All cash contributions to Gift of the Givers, Standard Bank, Pietermaritzburg, Account No. 052137228, Branch code 057525. Please fax or email deposit slip with contact details.

For further information:

Gawa 0836613035
Allauddin 0836677179
Ali 0826514195
Cape Town office 0216387909
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