Final Handover of Khayelitsha Houses Following New Year Shack Fires

We have fulfilled our commitment and promise. The moment of total joy has arrived as we handover the final 56 houses to victims of the New Year's Day Khayelitsha Shack Fires. Gift of the Givers had pledged to build 100 houses for the affected families following that unfortunate event. The first 24 houses were handed over on 22 March 2013 and a subsequent 23 houses on 29 April 2013. We set up our own building team, the project manager being Gawa Sayed who heads our Cape Town office. This has been three months of the most grueling challenge to achieve perfection in design, aesthetics, efficiency, workmanship, professionalism and acceptability.

In preparing to handover the balance of 53 houses we came to the realisation that three members of our building team who were victims of the fire themselves were not selected for a house by the independent community association tasked with that responsibility. These workers had worked with heart and soul to ensure that 100 fellow families take ownership of a beautiful and solid house with all the extra contents. It was inappropriate then from a human and psychological point of view to deny houses to these three outstanding labourers who had many children and were very deserving recipients. Gawa Sayed took it upon herself to build 3 more houses. Subsequently, 56 houses will be handed over tomorrow, 9 May 2013, at 12 noon, corner of Mew Way and Lansdowne Road, near the O. R. Tambo Hall.

The total cost of this project including the house and contents as listed below was just over R4 million. These are all PERMANENT houses. The land was generously donated by the Cape Town City Council who were outstanding in every aspect of the relationship giving us total co-operation which we acknowledge with full gratitude and appreciation.

Total houses donated by the Gift of the Givers 103.

  • 100 Green Houses
  • 3 Red Houses (last ones)
  • House Size 6 x 3
  • Concrete Slab
  • Treated SAB Approved Timber Structure.
  • Colour Coded .5mm Corrugated Sheeting
  • 2 Windows 900 x 900 (1 Back & 1 Front)
  • Stable Door with lock
  • Entire House Lined with 6mm Nutec Board
  • Ceiling lined with Aerolite
  • Entire House Painted with Super Acrylic Washable Paint
  • Concrete Floor Covered with Novilon
  • Solar Panel with 2 Lights & Cell Phone Charger Fittings
All 103 Houses Consist of the following:
  • 2 New Curtains
  • 1 New Double Maxi Pedic Bed
  • 2 New Pillows
  • 1 New Double Base Cover
  • 1 New Double Fitted Sheet
  • 1 New Double Flat Sheet
  • 3 New Blankets
  • 2 Pillow Cases
  • 3 Single Matresses ( for kids if more than 3 we add)
  • 1 Extra Set of Bedding for Kids ( pack of 3)
  • New Towels
  • 1 New Broom & Dust Pan
  • 1 Water Bucket with lid
  • 1 Bucket Crockery
  • 1 Month Food Parcel
  • 1 Detergent Pack
  • 1 Hygiene Pack

Details: Gawa Sayed on 0836613035

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  • GotG_2013_housing_Khaye-2843
  • GotG_2013_housing_Khaye-4072
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  • GotG_2013_housing_Khaye-4298
  • GotG_2013_housing_Khaye-4333
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  • GotG_2013_housing_Khaye-9141