Houses for Khayelitsha

Building has commenced in earnest and Khayelitsha is a bee-hive of activity as contractors go all out to implement the model of a house designed by Gift of the Givers for shack fire victims. Aesthetically acceptable, affordable, value for money, comfortable, established on land mapped out by the Cape Town City Council, the first 24 houses out of 100 promised by Gift of the Givers will be handed over on Friday, 15 February 2013. The balance will follow as soon as the City Council prepares and hands over the additional building sites for the purpose.

Positioned close to the N2 and not too far from the initial area of displacement the design of the structure was openly welcomed both by the intended recipients and the City of Cape Town.
Established on a 7m x7m land with spacing between the homes as requested in our blueprint there was total transparency; a sample structure was built in full view of the displaced victims with every aspect of the construction, workmanship and building material utilised open for all to see. The structures now being built are not being imposed on the recipients; on the contrary, they eagerly await their new home with excited anticipation. The true extent of satisfaction, acceptance and inner joy will be manifested this Friday. For details Gawa Sayed, Cell: 083 661 3035.

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