10/05/2012 - Athlone School for the Blind

Athlone School for the Blind

On Thursday 10 May 2012 Gift of the Givers handed out 410 Party Packs to the visually impaired learners at the Athlone School for the Blind who celebrated 85 years of service to the Blind in South Africa.

The Athlone School for the Blind is situated in Bellville South in the Western Cape and currently has 410 children who are blind, visually impaired and some who have multiple disablilities. All the learners are drawn from very poor families who are not able to make any financial contribution to the school at all. The school hostel caters for 125 children who live on site as they come from far and from families who are unable to provide adequate shelter or care for them.

The school provides the same curriculum for Grade R to Grade 12 as in mainstream schools. The only difference is that the learners require assistive devices and special resources such as the braille typewriters to enable them to access the curriculum. These resources are not funded by Government and therefore the school depends on the generosity of external benefactors to assist them.

The vision of the school is to give the blind and disabled children an opportunity equal to that of the able-bodied child, so that they may develop into fulfilled adults with a great sense of self worth.

Gift of the Givers has been assisting the Athlone School for the Blind since 18 July 2011 (Mandela’s Day) when we refurbished the hostel with new beds, linen, curtains, towels, blankets, cupboards, kitchen appliances, kitchen utensils, bulk hygiene products, bulk detergents and bulk food. We are assisting the school with regular monthly bulk food items, detergent and hygiene products.

Learners and the staff of the Athlone School for the Blind are most grateful for our assistance and value our partnership.

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