Sunrise Special Care Centre

There are many things in life that we take for granted, one of them being our physical abilities and by thanking the Almighty for all that He has blessed us with, we felt that it is our responsibility to make a difference in the lives of those who are physically challenged.

In December 2011, we distributed parcels for Scouts Day, in return the 1st Wetton Scouts Group handed these to the Sunrise Special Care Centre. In early January 2012 an elderly board member from the Sunrise Special Care Centre, Mr. Van Der Vent came to personally thank us for our contribution. Gawa Sayed, Operations Manager of our Cape Town branch, enquired about the centre and he responded with so much of passion and affection when talking about the children that it touched and motivated her to visit the centre. The children were being wheeled into a beautifully kept garden to enjoy the sunlight and seeing the joy and contentment painted on their faces was a sight she will always treasure. Gawa was taken aback by the way these children were loved and cared for and truly felt that this centre is aptly named. We at the Gift of the Givers are passionate about the preservation of our children hence we set out to lend our assistance to the Sunrise Special Care Centre. We are providing them with their weekly food, cleaning & hygiene products on a regular basis and we intend to support them for as long as we may to the best of our ability.

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