Helen Joseph Hospital

Helen Joseph Hospital

Gift of the Givers was approached by the Crosby Women’s Forum to assist with this project and we agreed to establish a halaal kitchen at the Helen Joseph hospital. For the Women's Forum, this was something they had been planning for over a decade but became a reality seemingly overnight.

The day of the official opening started by acknowledging the partnership initiated by members of the hospital board, the Crosby Women’s Forum as well as members of the community. An understanding was formed between Dr Sooliman and the CEO of the hospital,
Ms G Bogoshi, to establish other areas GOTG may be of assistance and in return the hospital will avail their expertise to GOTG when doctors and other skilled workers are needed to assist in disasters areas both locally and internationally.

The kitchen will officially start feeding on 20 July 2012 and this facility might be used to accommodate other hospitals in the area. An amount of R200,000.00 was handed over by the Crosby Womens Forum to the GOTG towards the opening of the kitchen. The kitchen will be sustained unconditionally by the GOTG.

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