Hunger in Africa: Catastrophe in the Making

Gift of the Givers has experienced the tragedy of famine in Niger in 2005 and Somalia in 2011. Families walked hundreds of kilometres in search of food. In that desperate situation a parent or a child was left to die because no one had the energy to carry them to a Feeding Centre. This is the tragic effect of hunger, thirst and associated disease all of which are preventable.

The exact scenario is unfolding in 2017, this time affecting 20 million people in Yemen, Somalia and South Sudan. Gift of the Givers has offices in Somalia (since 2011) and Yemen (since 2012) where interventions are on going in the provision of food, water and medical care in very challenging and dangerous circumstances given the intense bombing in Yemen and continuous fighting in Somalia. Our aid is miniscule in relation to the enormous need.

The Tutu Foundation (with a host of partners) and Gift of the Givers are  considering an initiative to set up a humanitarian aid campaign for South  Sudan thereby assisting all three affected countries; very intense discussions on this are underway. DIRCO has  been approached requesting the SA Government to partner civil society on South Sudan.

Gift of the Givers invites assistance for these three countries in cash or kind. Non-perishable items including rice, maize, beans, sugar, oil, salt, tea, high energy nutrition supplements, milk powder, energy biscuits, peanut butter, jam, tinned fish, baked beans, detergents, medicines, dental and personal hygiene items are acceptable. The concept "one man one can", so incredibly effective in the Somalia famine of 2011 needs to be implemented once again. For drop of points call toll-free 0800786911. Cash contributions into Gift of the Givers, Standard Bank, Pietermaritzburg, Account Number 052278611, Branch Code 057525. Please send deposit slip to 

Please visit Facebook @GiftoftheGivers and to see our activities in Somalia and Yemen.

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