Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference

Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference handed a cheque of R81,100 for disaster relief efforts in Gaza in March 2009.  The ceremony took place at the Siyabhabha Trust (the development and welfare agency of the Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference) in Pretoria.  “The hospitality of the SA Catholic Bishops Conference was excellent. They went all out to host us and we are very thankful to them,” said Dr Imtiaz Sooliman. This comes amidst a long-standing relationship between the two organisations who have worked together since 1992.  Father Ian Michael Doyle was part of the 25-member medical team who went for disaster relief efforts to Gaza in January 2009.
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Top left: Dr Imtiaz Sooliman, Father Vincent Townsend, Emily Thomas, Sister Hermenegild , Father Vincent Brennan. Top right: Handing over the cheque to Dr Imtiaz Sooliman was Bishop George Daniel (left) and Father Vincent Brennan (right). Bottom left: Emily Thomas and Sister Aine Hughes HC Caritas co ordinator.