Ramadaan 1437

Dear Brothers and Sisters

We are in that glorious spiritual phase of the Islamic calendar when Allah, out of His Infinite Generosity, gifts us with the Mubarak (blessed) months of Rajab, Shaban and Ramadaan.  These three months emphasize heightened consciousness, increased prayer, spiritual awakening, moral integrity, behavior and character modification, social awareness and reaching out to those in distress to alleviate the suffering of humankind through an increase in charitable deeds.  The combination of these actions is resultant in Allah's Mercy (Rahmah) descending on humanity, rains of blessing permeating our environment, forgiveness, purification, success in this world and everlasting bliss in the Hereafter.  These benefits are certainly attainable but the decision of our actions is in our own hands, so reflect, be mindful and decide with wisdom.

Over the next 30 days we will through a series of pictures inform you how millions of suffering people have benefited from your continuous unending generosity from last Ramadaan to now, what projects we will be spending on this Ramadaan through to the next and what the priority needs are.  As usual all contributions can be deposited into the following accounts:  Gift of the Givers Zakaah Account, Account No. 252040562 (for all Zakaah contributions), Gift of the Givers Lillah Account, Account No. 252040554 (for all Lillah, Sadqa, Fidyah, Kaffarah contributions), Gift of the Givers, Account No. 052137228 (for Interest funds). All accounts are in Standard Bank, Pietermaritzburg, Branch Code 057525.  Please send deposit slip by fax or email with full contact details for acknowledgement purposes.  To obtain a tax benefit, Section 18A PBO certificate contact Laila on 033 3450163 or email laila@giftofthegivers.org   We have printed a special Ramadaan brochure.  If you require a copy or want copies to distribute to friends please email us with full details.  Items in kinds including food, biscuits, sweets, blankets, baby and adult diapers, new clothing, new shoes, linen, towels, stationery, wheelchairs, medical supplies and equipment are most welcome.  If you have special requirements in terms of what you want to fund please contact Allauddin 0836677179 or me.

May you have an absolutely blessed and uplifting Ramadaan, may Allah grant all beneficial dua and may He grant us Halaal rizq, bounties and blessings in abundance, good health, quality long life, happiness, peace, tranquility, Iman and righteousness.

Ramadan Mubarak

Imtiaz Sooliman
Cel. 0832364029