GOTG and VOC Ahlan Wa Sahlaan in the Western Cape

The Gift of the Givers partnership with Voice of the Cape FM AWS has been running since 2009. Every Sunday during the month of Ramadaan we reach out to Masajids in poor areas where we have Khatamul Quran and finish off with a mass iftar. Iftar is provided by Gift of the Givers. Hot meals, savouries, dates, cool drinks, chocolates, water & bread. We feed all in the mosque and if there is left over we feed the community outside as well.

On Sunday our 1st Ahlaan Wa Salaan for 2016 was in Delft Masjidul Jumua where we fed 1500. 19 June, Rahmaniyah Mosque in Steenberg
26 June, Masjidur Raghmaan in Hanover Park
27 June, Masjidur Rawbie in Mitchells Plain.


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