Ar Rahma Hospital 1

The R100 million Gift of the Givers Ar Rahma Hospital is our flagship project in Syria.  In December 2013 an ordinary single storey building in Darkoush was converted into an Emergency Hospital in 70 days.  In April 2014, fifty three South African medical personnel treated 7000 patients in 10 days.  That intervention put the wheels into motion for an expanded hospital with multiple disciplines, outreach clinics, internal up skilling of staff, dispatching of teams to other hospitals during heavy bombing when there are mass civilian casualties and the establishment of a second hospital (Al Hilal Hospital) a few km away given the repeated attempts to bomb Ar Rahma Hospital.  Ar Rahma Hospital is now a three storey building; an additional building has been built across the road to augment this extremely busy facility that averages 10 000 patients per month.

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