Ar Rahma Hospital 2

The hospital is one of the largest in all Syria given that most hospitals have been totally destroyed by bombing.  It serves patients from many areas including Idlib, Latakia, Homs, Armanac, Mount Kurds, Mount Turkmen, Aleppo and multiple districts.  The hospital is well equipped and carries out a diverse range of surgery including general, vascular, orthopedic, thoracic, ENT and urology.  It has a 5 bedded ICU, renal dialysis facility, X-ray, ultrasound, C-arm, CT Scan, laboratory services, maternity and neonatal facility with 120 births and 100 Caesarean sections per month.  Internal Medicine, outpatient clinics including the provision of vaccines augment and a pharmacy augment all services The Casualty section is the most chaotic with the large number of bombing victims coming through.  The hospital has a staff complement of 200 including paramedics, physiotherapists, nurses, cleaners, security personnel and the doctors and has four of its own ambulances.

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