Al Hilal Hospital in Syria

The exponential increase in patients at Gift of the Givers Ar Rahma Hospital and the repeated attempts to deliberately bomb it necessitated an emergency intervention in the form of a second hospital a few km away in a relatively "safe" area as there are no safe areas in Syria.  Our thanks to the Turkish Red Crescent who sponsored a fully fitted field hospital at a cost of one million dollars to Gift of the Givers.  Both Ar Rahma and Hilal Hospital are managed and funded by Gift of the Givers.

Al Hilal Hospital is placed closer to the Turkish border for better security but is still inside Syria. It focuses on primary health care, maternity services, operating theatres to handle the overflow from Ar Rahma Hospital.
The hospital was opened in September 2015, averages 7500 patients, 3000 laboratory investigations, 1000 Xrays and about 350 admissions monthly. It gives us the opportunity to move the less serious cases away from Ar Rahma and yet can function as an emergency facility when required.
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