Christmas Day Floods Pietermaritzburg 1995

Christmas Day Floods Pietermaritzburg 1995

On 26 December 1995, Gift of the Givers distributed a much needed relief consignment to the survivors of the 'Christmas Day Flood' in Pietermaritzburg and surrounding areas. Flood marks indicated the flood was about 8.5 metres deep leading to the drowning of an estimated 150 people.

GOTG relief consignment consisted of:

  • canned food, flour, maize meal, oil, sugar and salt
  • soaps and disinfectants
  • candles and matches
  • plastic buckets, dishes, water jugs, utentils and pots
  • blankets, carpets and foam mattresses
  • baby provisions, toys and sweets

The areas covered were: Imbali, Pata, Sobantu, Phumuza, Slansspruit, Dambuza and Plessislaer.

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