World Conference on Disaster and Emergency Medicine 22/04/2015

The 19th World Congress on Disaster and Emergency Medicine is being held at the CTICC from 21-24 April 2015. This event is held once every two years but this is the first time in its history that it is being held on the African Continent.  Gift of the Givers is exhibiting at the event and is one of four international invited guests to deliver the key note address which takes place at 11 am today.

The extract reads as follows:Disaster Response has multiple facets.  Logistics including diplomacy, access and deployment are key, without which, the most skilled team in the world will be rendered useless.  Gift of the Givers will take you on a journey with Africa's largest disaster response agency from infancy to the present time detailing the challenges, adaptation, innovation and management in changing circumstances in some of the world's most complicated and horrendous disasters.  Primary health care, trauma medicine, secondary traumatisation, trauma counselling, rehabilitation, setting up hospitals, search and rescue teams, sniffer dogs, housing developments, tents, food, water provision are some of the diverse aspects that will be detailed. Skills transfer, patient education, reconstruction of essential facilities and self-sufficiency are all aspects of what our missions entail.  Hands on management and twenty three years of experience will be shared with the participants.

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  • World Conference on Disaster and Emergency Medicine 22/04/2015